By Jordyn Bauerlein

Meet F+A’s Four-Legged Colleagues

Here at F+A we have a wide variety of furry coworkers. From the first pot of coffee to the last, their steadfast puppy eyes trail us and their little tails wag; they remain impervious to the whirlwind current of client meetings, brainstorming sessions and content development.

We feel that these productive pups enrich our lives and our work. And as it turns out, science is on our side. According to a study by the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health (IJERPH), pets in the workplace increase task performance and social interactions. The floppy-eared friends reportedly reduce stress and lead to an overall greater sense of work-life balance.

Anecdotally, we’ve experienced all of these benefits and more – and we love introducing our pets to visitors at the office and via the F+A blog.


Name: Kiki

Breed: Chiweenie

Owner: Keri Barker

Kiki is the first member of our canine team, but don’t let her pint size fool you— this seven-pound Chiweenie can pack a punch.

Kiki, also known by some as Dobby the House Elf due to her prominent ears, is two-and-a-half years old. Her best friend is a tabby cat named Ridley who, unfortunately, doesn’t come to the office, but about whom we’ve only heard great things!

Kiki is known to be fiercely territorial of her backyard and protects it from evil squirrels, villainous racoons and feathered flying creatures of the night. She loves treats, sitting in chairs you just vacated, and her fellow furry coworkers.


Name: Jolene and Luna

Breed: Border Collie mixes

Owner: Julia Irwin

The next two pups we have the pleasure of working with are Jolene and Luna. Both were rescued through Desiderata Rescue and are aspiring Instagram celebrities, which you can see here.

At four years old and the older sister of the group, Jolene is the protector and provider. Much like Kiki, she envisions herself as a master squirrel hunter and has even tried her hand at tree climbing, with little success. After a long day of critter stalking, Jolene likes to hang around as a couch potato, use her insanely effective puppy eyes to earn bits of peanut butter, and cuddle with her little sister.

Luna joined the family in 2018 at just four months old, and quickly captured the hearts of all those she met. Nicknamed “Wigglebutt” for her full-body tail wags, Luna is always excited to meet a new friend, especially if they come bearing milk-bones.

In addition to hanging out with her big sister, Luna loves playing fetch, staring intensely at tennis balls until they are thrown for her to retrieve, and deciding what other random objects can be used in fetch.


Name: Mr. T

Breed: Yorkshire Terrier

Owner: Annie Alley

Last but certainly not least is Mr. T.

As resident “old man” of the group, Mr. T enjoys the simple things in life like a soft bed and a really good scratch behind the ears. At 17 years young, this Yorkshire Terrier has seen the better half of the world, including visiting six countries and living on two continents. For being so well-traveled and popular, it is surprising that the fame hasn’t gone to his head! This bearded pup is as sweet and as humble as they come.

When he isn’t at the office working hard to produce lucrative amounts of ZZZs, Mr. T loves to spend time with his human children, Rowdy and Ruthie, and takes regular strolls through his backyard.

Through the good and the bad, the slow days and the crazy ones, we are thankful for our furry coworkers and, after all the treats we give them, we’re sure they are grateful for us, too.