Keri Barker

Administrator, Partner

As the agency’s administrator, Keri manages a multitude of responsibilities including human resources, IT, bookkeeping and finances, employee benefits programs, shaping office policies and procedures, and whatever else it takes to ensure operations run smoothly. Keri also manages F+A’s internship program and enjoys helping young professionals begin their public relations and marketing careers.

Keri places high value on continuing education and growth both inside and outside the office, and she feels fortunate to be part of a team that embraces similar values. Whether it’s researching the latest HR trends, writing policy, or learning new painting techniques, she enjoys opportunities to refine her skillset and share information with others.

Keri holds a B.A. in Art History and has extensive experience in managing non-profit and for-profit organizations. Outside of work, she is an avid photographer, painter and printmaker. She also enjoys skiing, traveling and entertaining her small but mighty dog, Kiki.