Firmani + Associates Celebrates 20th Anniversary

by F+A Staff

February 4, 2015

Today we’re announcing our 20th anniversary! Founded on April Fools’ Day by Mark Firmani in 1994, Firmani + Associates has grown into a mid-size agency with national reach, known for its award-winning campaigns and marketing strategies.

“When I opened F+A, my intent was to create an agency that was filled with very smart people serving the interests of forward-thinking clients,” Firmani said. “Since that day, we’ve been extraordinarily fortunate in succeeding in both.”

Over the firm’s 20-year history, it has developed a nationally respected practice serving professional-service organizations, particularly in the legal industry, where F+A works with law firms and attorneys managing issues that surround high-profile cases, issues of public policy and legislation. The firm’s other successful practice areas are health care, technology, consumer goods and services and hospitality.

Kristi Clough became the agency’s only equity partner in 2011 after four years with the firm. Clough manages most of the firm’s clients outside the legal arena.

“I’m very proud to be part of F+A’s history and its future,” Clough said. “Part of our strength lies in our ability to see what’s coming and to equip the agency for change and growth accordingly – it’s worked well for 20 years and is an approach that will carry us into the years to come.”

Firmani, who holds an APR accreditation from the Public Relations Society of America, notes that the agency has had great success growing alongside clients, developing long-term client relationships.

“One of my clients told me once that his definition of success was to work with people you enjoy, serving clients that you respect,” Firmani concluded. “Using that yardstick, we’ve measured up very well in these first 20 years.”

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Firmani + Associates Celebrates 20th Anniversary